New Phrenology exists to design artful and free-spirited bridal veils. We embrace a ceremonial tradition and turn it into a modern ritual of self expression. New Phrenology is about making women feel alive. We are driven by curiosity and inspired by the mind as an endless source of love and creativity.

Our brides: imaginative beings who embrace where they came from, but believe in writing their own stories.

We create by revealing the inner attitude of the bride herself. Our hand-stitched pieces are locally designed, making for one-of-a-kind elements brides will not find elsewhere. From sleek shapes to intricate embroidery, our veils are made to the highest standards of craftsmanship, each one finished with our signature gold-plated comb that represents the sun as the source of life and the bearer of beautiful beginnings.

AMA at  hello@newphrenology.com

Find us at @newphrenology